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Hideout Home | Scented Soy Candle | Leather Daddy

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Leather Daddy

100% Eco Soy Wax 


Notes: Leather + Musk

8 oz.

Single Cotton Wick

Burn time: approx. 40 hours


Quality long burning eco-soy wax scented candles, formulated and hand poured in small batches by Hideout Distro owner and creator Tory Culen. Every candle is poured in a recyclable 1/2 pint aluminium tin and sealed. Each unique formulated scent has been inspired by nostalgia and fond memories.


"I opened the door with a jingle and a wave of fresh leather swarmed my olfactories. Saddles, chaps, boots, bridles and straps draped the walls and shelves from corner to corner of the shop. I picked a pair of teal textured leather riding boots with perfect toe fringe and a slight heel. The click of the brand new soles on the worn wooden floorboards was music to my ears. It’ll be my first ride since the autumn.”