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Aladean Kheroufi

Aladean Kheroufi | Studies in a Dying Love | 12” Vinyl LP

Aladean Kheroufi | Studies in a Dying Love | 12” Vinyl LP

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"Love is a lot of things, it’s never been one-size-fits-all. I’ve had a few hard months, but generally most people do so my experience is nothing special. When I think of 5 years from now I think of you, but maybe San Francisco was never the destination. The road trip ended somewhere in the Midwest with the car broken down and a tall can of beer. I know that you deserve better and the worst part is I deserve so much more. Love is a lot of things, I want it to be one-size-fits-all. I want so many things. I want fresh bread every morning, blue skies every day and fresh flowers for every occasion. I want to be a professional boxer but I never want to get hurt. I want my white sneakers to stay clean but some might call that living in a day dream. I want this to be therapy. I want this to be philosophy. I want this to be a recipe to get through hard times. This isn’t a simple love song proclaiming romantic feelings for just one person, this is a grand gesture that declares love for everyone. This is help we all need. This is a study in a dying love." - Aladean Kheroufi

released June 7, 2024

Trevor McNeely - Guitar
Evan Uschenko - Guitar
Elijah 'Baby' Browning - Drums
Cameron O'Neill - Drums, percussion, voice
Connor Ellinger - Drums, percussion, congas
Josephine Junas-Grant - Flute
Billy Aukstik - Trumpet
Mike Buckley - Saxophone
Scott 'Monty' Munroe - Synthesizers
Antonia & Eva Foote - Voice
Allel Kheroufi - Spoken voice
Cheb Khero - Voice, bass, organ, synthesizers, rhodes, guitar, percussion, vibraphone, piano

Recorded by ALADEAN KHEROUFI at Ninth Street Sound in Edmonton, ALTA
Additional engineering by EVAN USCHENKO
Mastered by BRAD SMITH
Vinyl Master by NOAH MINTZ
Album design: T. SALTY  

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