Welcome to the Hideout

Hideout is a shop, but it's mostly a vibe. A safe space. A place to explore and experiment. A creative studio. A refuge. A retreat. A perfectly tucked away sanctuary to come peruse artist made goods and bespoke boutique offerings. Everyone is welcome here. We play tunes all day, and change it up with the mood - is it storming outside? Mood. Is it feelin' like a sunny party out there? Mood. Is it the Christmas season? We don't play Christmas music...but we will play something appropriate for that time o' year.

What you'll find on this blog is a bit of banter, our playlists on the regular ("I dig what you're playing, what is this?" happens often in the shop), some helpful tips and real talk for and with the peeps, creatives and fellow business folk who we walk beside, cocktail and food experiments/recipes, travel thangs, fashion thangs.

Thanks for hanging with me!



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