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The Northern Habitat

Sconce Wall Planter | Light Green 4”

Sconce Wall Planter | Light Green 4”

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The Sconce Planter elevates your urban jungle. Take your plants vertical with the innovative design that incorporates drainage to help maintain optimal soil moisture. A removable drip tray allows you to water your plants in situ. Easily remove the drip tray in between watering.

The Scone Planter is very light and weights only 700g (without a plant). Hardware is included to fix your Sconce Planter to drywall. It is recommended to drill into a stud however not required. Command strips can be used as an alternative to drilling into drywall.

Plants not included.

Material:  The Funnel planter is made from a water-based, two component, acrylic polymer/mineral resin system called Jesmonite. The exterior has been polished with beeswax. The interior has been finished with an acrylic sealant.


4 inch inner diameter x 5.25 inches tall (pot and drip tray)

  • Handmade in Edmonton, Alberta

Care: The exterior of the planter can be wiped with a damp cloth as required. The drip tray should be emptied in between watering to prevent overflow.

Each planter is made individually by hand meaning no two planters are 100% identical. That is the beauty of the handmade process, your new planter is one of a kind! Your pot will look very similar to the one that has been photographed however slight irregularities in colour and pattern are to be expected.

About the Artist

The Northern Habitat was created out of a desire to promote tranquil spaces within one's home by incorporating greenery for both its health benefits and its ability to be used as a design element. An appreciation for unique vessels and ceramics paired with a passion for modern design inspired a product line of planters centered around maintaining plant health. Drainage holes and water trays are vital design elements in all of our planters. With an education in Civil Engineering I have always had an interest and appreciation for the design and manufacturing process: taking a concept, turning it into something tangible, and all the steps in between.

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