SNAP Gallery | 2020 Calendar

SNAP Gallery | 2020 Calendar

SNAP Gallery

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The SNAP calendar is hand printed at SNAP Printshop (12056 Jasper Avenue) and each month features a print by an Edmonton-based printmaker. The artists used a combination of silkscreen, hand carved relief and letterpress elements for their images and the calendar portion was printed using polymer plates and printed on the letterpress.

SNAP thanks all of the 15 artists who participated in this year’s calendar. Thanks to Andrew Benson & Mike Wichuk for designing the calendar and an extra special thanks for their work with printing the polymer plates. We hope you enjoy SNAP’s 2020 Calendar and we invite you to visit and come print with us!


JANUARY – LeeAnne Johnston

FEBRUARY – Linda Ritter & Shauna Force of Salgado Fenwick

MARCH – Erin Murphy

APRIL – Bernie Paetz

MAY – Alyson Davies

JUNE – Cate Kuzik

JULY – Megan Stein

AUGUST – Madison Dewar

SEPTEMBER –  Sylvia Douglas

OCTOBER – Tamara Deedman

NOVEMBER – Marie Winters

DECEMBER – Dawn Woolsey

COVER – Andrew Benson & Mike Wichuk



This calendar is produced annually as a fundraising initiative for SNAP, one of Edmonton’s most unique and exciting artist-run and non-profit organizations. Founded in 1982 as a collective of Edmonton artists, SNAP is dedicated to the promotion of both traditional and experimental print- making practices. The society maintains a permanent, dedicated space including public exhibition galleries and a printmaking studio, and provides a comprehensive range of programming including: exhibitions, classes, workshops, lectures, artists residencies and publishing.