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Site Magazine | Series 1: Volume 2 | The Edit

Site Magazine | Series 1: Volume 2 | The Edit

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The Site Magazine is an independent journal that addresses diverse issues pertaining to our built environment. Through a range of writing types, design projects, and visual formats, each issue advocates for a critical consideration of the layered relations of our built environment posed from varied perspectives, including the cultural, political, formal, social, and ecological.

The Edit is an active retelling of the built environment—one of our most ambitious and bold publications to date in its physical format, contributions, and editorial agenda. This issue is about revisiting the archives and drafting new records. What truths and tools can we use to understand and overcome the monolithic, heteronormative, Eurocentric coding that structure our lives? Through words, drawings, posters, and booklets, explore the conditions of possibility that await us when we encounter, resist, reimagine, and rewrite the script. Learn about soil as a record-keeper, sci-fi dystopias, embroidering queer visibility, social design for an aging population, and more.

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