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Natural Sisal Dry Body Brush

Natural Sisal Dry Body Brush

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Natural sisal fibre oval dry body brush for exfoliation and lymphatic health.

The cotton band helps for keeping the brush in hand while you work different areas.

Dry brushing helps to exfoliate dead skin, unclog pores, stimulates the lymphatic system/promotes lymphatic drainage, and improves circulation.

Dry brushing your body is best done before showering when your skin is completely dry. You may want to do it in the tub or shower to contain and dry skin particles you slough off. Start at your ankles moving upward brushing in long sweeping motions toward the heart on limbs and neck, and circular or clockwise motions on the midsection. Use light pressure but be gentler on sensitive areas and avoid the face, armpits, nipple area or broken skin. Follow up with an invigorating shower and moisturizer or body oil for a hydrating self care massage.

*some redness is normal after dry brushing as it boosts blood flow in the skin. This will subside and provide benefits with consistency.

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