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Kayuragi Incense Sticks | Narcissus

Kayuragi Incense Sticks | Narcissus

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Kayuragi INCENSE

40 Sticks

Narcissus: clean velvety green floral notes of narcissus

Japanese style incense. No bamboo core, less smoke and pure fragrances. Packaged in a wood box, with small ceramic incense holder.

Do not burn unattended. 


Made in Japan by Nippon Kodo.

About the Artist

Setsuna offers incense and home products that are thoughtfully designed and carefully created to enhance small, everyday moments. Setsuna is the transliteration of a Japanese word meaning “a moment; an instant”. Like the practice of incense, the word came to Japan from China with origins in India. The name evokes the momentary experience of incense and acknowledges what inspires us.

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