State Motto | Cocktail Bitters | Bitter Orange

State Motto | Cocktail Bitters | Bitter Orange

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Best used with the spirits of Gin, Vodka or White Rum, and pairing naturally with chocolate, our Bitter Orange cocktail bitters are sour enough to work in most drinks, and remain flavorful enough to add something extra to your deserts. Debuting new for 2015, our first edition of State Motto Bitter Orange bitters is sure to become a quick favorite. This recipe combines the following ingredients:

  • The bitter peel of oranic Seville orange, a hybrid between the mandarin and pomelo orange
  • Indonesian cinnamon chips
  • Organic star anise
  • Organic gentian root
  • Pure orange oil

Bitter Orange History

Bitter orange peel, and the oil derived from it, is used in many different things. It’s used as a flavouring agent in a wide variety of foods, and is used in liqueurs, mostly notably Triple Sec. It is well known as being a key ingredient in marmalade.