Feels Zine | Issue 11 | Kinship

Feels Zine | Issue 11 | Kinship

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We all know the expression ‘no one is an island’. Cooperation between us is essential to our survival and happiness. But what about those special, one-of-a-kind, magnetic bonds we have that tether us to the people we love most in the world? In Issue 11, we explore the friendship, blood, and chosen family relationships that bring us joy, security, and calm as we each navigate the rocky waters that make up our lives.


Carmen Lew, Lauren Kenney, Brittany Mannetje, Aelfleda Clackson, Efehan Elbi, Ebonnie Rowe of Honey Jam, Bary Hakim, Megan Joyce, Mahirah Syed, Rialda Dizdareviz, Margeaux Feldman, Yu Shin Wang, Tracy Rose Stamper, Maggie Rue Hess, Ryanne Kap, Robert Gluck, Jocelyn Anderson, Brad Alexander, Sarah Vardy, Ashley Brodeur of Feelosophy, Paula Bonnell, Robin Long, Negar Anvari, Will Boaks, Ilya Klimov, Andi Schwartz, Rachel Evangeline Chiong, Julia Harbinson, Emily Sylman, Z Kimmer, Sarah Hilton, Dianne Lee, Robyn LeRoy-Evans, Nicole Jankowski, Jasmine Choi, Emma Rhodes + many anonymous contributors!

• 76 pages
• 7.5" wide by 9.5" tall
• three colour risograph print
• saddle-stitch binding


Feels is, well, a publication about feelings. It is a place to explore, to share, and to be honest. Having an open dialogue about what’s going on inside of us can foster meaningful connection and make us feel less alone, especially in the social-media era that asks us to curate and polish our lives and feelings before sharing them — if we share them at all. Feels believes there are no good or bad feelings — the value comes from how we relate to them, how we experience them, and what we learn from them.

Feels also believes in inclusion and recognizes that certain voices have been given the lion’s share of the spotlight throughout history. Our pages are for everyone, and we do not accept pieces that further marginalize. We are a feminist, sex-positive, 2SLGBTQ*, anti-racist, anti-colonial publication.