Fable Me: Love Poems with ECHO in the Spirit | Sasha X & Svitlana Kravchuk

Fable Me: Love Poems with ECHO in the Spirit | Sasha X & Svitlana Kravchuk

Daffodil Art Collective

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A word from the creators:

FABLE ME: Love Poems with ECHO in the Spirit is motivated by our commitment to the work of overcoming and opening up pathways of love and a deeper practice of compassion for each other. The series of poems and images seeks to break through the self-serving limitations of masculine narcissism through an intimate and sometimes cutting dialogue between “Sasha” and “Echo" as the two figures in the book attempt to delve their connections and misunderstandings. The visual artwork reaches into its creator’s vulnerabilities, actively responding to and taking part in the conversation with Echo. Sensitivity of image has been drawn from the artist’s personal experiences, insecurities, strength and visions of hope.

FABLE ME is an interdisciplinary investigation into the creative force of collectivity and the desire for contact and communion between image and word. These evocative expressions come from personal places of intimacy and aim to overcome isolation through our mutual engagement in each other’s work. This process transformed our own personal styles of writing, painting and artistic portrayals. The dialogue with Echo rises out of our passion for art that challenges the status quo of inequality between men, women, conforming and non-conforming gender identities struggling against violent and discriminatory forms of social domination.  Additionally, FABLE ME grows out of our collective education in and enthusiasm for the history of books, printing and printmaking, as well as our appreciation of the book as a sensual art-form.